How to make playing poker at home feel like you’re in a casino

Newer manufacturers have improved the quality of their home poker chip sets. They bring a new design of casino authenticity to home games. Poker chip sets now look and feel substantial, improving your gaming experience. Most poker chips used at home are only one component of the game, but these new chips are part of the game’s pleasure. Players get excited when they hear you’re playing with authentic style chips in your poker game. You’ll be proud when you set them up on your table.

After analyzing thousands of chips throughout the history of casino games, several manufacturers have come to their own strange designs. For poker chips to be attractive, consider that they must look legitimate and tell a story. The best sets bring together a bit of Las Vegas style and show a fresh look at the history of the game. Chips excel for four reasons: inlays, edge points, molds and materials.

The inlaid design is the most important component of the manufacturing process and each chip is designed by a team of artists. You need to make sure that every inlay design uses state-of-the-art techniques and that every chip appears as if it could come directly from the casino floor. Each inlay tells a story and evokes feelings of nostalgia.

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Using a four-tone approach to edge freckles makes chips even more attractive. Each poker chip has a basic color and three accent colors used on the spot. All sets use a different color scheme. This process produces a variety of attractive and beautiful colors on your poker table. Edge Spots are also unique and interesting.

Avoid the simple 8-striped approach or the boring double colored rectangle when designing edge spots on the splinters. Multicolored triangles, triangles, squares and rectangles are part of a more interesting arsenal of edge spots.

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The key is to design a unique, appealing print that creates an engraved impression (known as the print mark) around the chip. You need to make sure that your set is in the have no printed signs, then they will not look or feel authentic. The mold marking gives the text of the poker chip safety and authenticity. Printed markings give poker chips a defining personality.

The use of the best clays and composite materials during the production process is very important. The best chips only use casino-quality raw materials in their prints. Not only do the chips show they’re off the casino floor, but they feel authentic.

When designing new poker chips, the best manufacturers create fictitious casinos to help bring the authenticity of other aspects of the poker chip set. A popular style of poker chip set is called “Bluff Canyon Casino”. These clay composite poker chips come in multiple counting sets and either a wooden carousel for smaller numbers or an aluminum case for larger counting sets. These tokens come in a variety of names. Bluff Canyon Inlay is set on a poker chip poured with Greek key. This chip has twelve thin stripes in bunches of three for the markings of the edges. The appearance of these chips is similar to the popular casino chips in the Venice Poker room. Inlay itself uses a group of green trees as its fictional logo, but conveys a rustic outdoor theme. The fictional objective of the “Bluff Canyon Casino” casino is written above each chip. The names are large and are placed close to the bottom of the incrustation.

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