WSOP 2017 Qualifier

888 Poker is bringing more poker tables to the WSOP 2017 event! Read more and discover how you could find yourself on your way to the most prestigious and largest poker event in the world with only 1 cent!

WSOP Guide on How to Qualify

WSOP Guide on How to Qualify

Up until 2014, most of the online poker websites offered poker players with qualifier games to the WSOP. However, things changed in 2015 when 888 Poker became the official partner in offering players the opportunity to qualify to the WSOP events. This eliminated most of the competition and reducing the available choices available.
Some might argue that this change might have impacted negatively and hinder the chances of players participating in the poker events.
On the contrary, despite the sole dominance as the main company offering WSOP qualifier events, 888 Poker has made it very easy for players to qualify. The games are no longer difficult and if you feel motivated to try out the event, the official parent has a surprise for you. Read on to discover what the surprise is all about.
WSOP 2017 Qualifiers – With 888 Poker, the Official WSOP Partners for
888 Poker first joined forces with the World Series of Poker event organizers in 2015 after committing themselves to a long haul that will see the poker giants become the official partners until the WSOP2017/2018 season, with an option of extending the contract for two years. So far so good, it has been a successful partnership as the first sponsorship event saw one of the 128 players sent win the 2015 WSOP main final.
Another successful story was that of Tommy Yates, a bar owner from Greece. With only a penny, he managed to proceed from the buy-in step satellite event organized by 888 Poker to finish in 486th position and walk away with $19,000 cash prize.

888 poker

888 poker

The 888 Players Package

Whether you are full time professional or recreational player, we’d like to let you in on a little secret on how you can easily qualify for the event with as little as $0.01. While majority of the poker enthusiasts can’t afford the $10,000 buy-in prize as well as other expenses incurred while traveling to and staying in Las Vegas, 888 promises to make it a dream come true for you to play at the WSOP event.

They have packages that carter for your travel, stay and buy-in fee at the event. If you perform exemplary well and lack the funds to keep you going, I’m certain that the extra nights in the hotel and any costs that will facilitate your good performance at the event will be the least of your concerns.

The WSOP 2017 event package is worth a maximum of $12,500. This money will cover the buy-in fee ($10,000), $1,200 for the flight and expenses(which will be deposited directly to your account), while the remaining cash will be yours to use as well as taking care of accommodation at the Vdara Hotel.

888’s Six Step Qualifier – How to Qualify for the WSOP with $0.01?

888 has a unique ‘steps’ system which they use to determine the players who will qualify. In total, there are 6 levels and players can opt to buy-in at any point from the lowest $0.01 ‘step 1’ game to the $525 ‘step 6’ tournaments.

The full 888 qualifiers steps are $0.01, $0.10, $1, $50 and the highest $525, which varies depending on the target tournament.

There are usually a choice of multi-table and Sit n Goes tournaments, which occasionally will be running under the ‘tournaments’ button in the 888 Poker lobby. There are also live events qualifiers, which you can view by clicking on the silver ‘Live Events’ button. This will reveal the tournaments which award the available prize packages in bold and pink.

Other ways to qualify for US poker players

Given that the event is hosted in the US, players from the country have more advantage when it comes to qualifying as compared to players from other countries. Moreover, ever since the Black Friday poker scandal, playing poker online has been a big no no due to legislation issues surrounding most states.

There are two main channels that enable US players to qualify for the WSOP 2017 event. They include the following.

America’s Cardroom Buck Hunt Promotion

Popularly referred to as the ACR Poker, it has come up with an innovative way of rewarding players with a $12,500 package – focusing mainly on their cash game tables as well as starting in games with as little as $0.05/$0.10 blinds. As you play, the chips appear on the tables and it will be up to you to be fast enough and click on them to reveal the underlying prizes.

The prize value vary from as little as $0.10 on the lowest side to a maximum of $12,500. You can easily win the package while playing the smallest games, though as you compete in high buy-in games, your chances of walking away with the top prize also increase drastically.

Regulated In-states Websites

This isn’t really official yet though we expect to see a number of websites in the states of New Jersey and Nevada offering qualifier events.

Is it a must to play in the $10,000 buy-in WSOP event?

Absolutely not! The WSOP has numerous buy-in events that range from as little as $1,000 all the way up to the prestigious $111,111 high roller for one drop. In between, there are other sub-tournaments that have different buy-in values including the $1,500, $2,000, $3,000 and the famous $10,000 event.

Therefore, if you cannot afford the $10,000 buy-in event, or if you don’t want to spend it all in one competition, there are other smaller buy-in options available.

How much money do you need to sustain yourself at the WSOP event?

If your total bankroll is $10,000, then it wouldn’t be wise if you spent it all on the $10,000 main event. You have to take other factors into consideration including food, accommodation, travel and the like.

If you have the $10,000 and you really want to play in the main $10,000 event, you still might have chance of playing in it, but you’ll have to win a spot by qualifying through a satellite. You’ll want to enter another event for $1,500 and slowly work your way through to the main event.


Generally, there are two ways through which you can get to the WSOP 2017 event and other subsequent events that are sponsored by 888 Poker.

  1. You can work your way to the top by entering a series of satellites with buy-ins that start from as low as 1₵


  1. Dive straight into action by registering directly to the $1,500 qualifier event for a chance of winning the $12,500 package!

Could you be one of the lucky few to secure the package?